Before: This renter wasn't comfortable with the owners furnishings. She got permission to bring in some of her furniture and art to make it feel more like home.

After: Furniture was angled to utilize the space. Bold artwork, two chairs  and a colorful rug were added to give the room pizazz.

Before: Sofa was set in it's traditional shape which shut down the room, leaving a narrow walkway behind it.

After: Furniture was moved into the room and arranged on an angle to create a cozy conversational area.

Before: The room was

cluttered with too much furniture.

Before: This bank owned property had been languishing on the market. Furniture was haphazardly placed and the lake view was difficult to see.

After: New furniture, art and accessories were added to showcase how attractive the space can be.

Before: This  condo was for sale and the owner had already moved out. It obviously didn't show well.  

Photos compliments of Tina Valant-Siebelts

Featured in the Palm Beach Post May 28, 1995

Photos compliments of Katie Deits

Featured in the Palm Beach Post  Nov. 16, 2003

After: Less furniture placed on a diagonal made the room more spacious and inviting, while maintaining a warm, inviting space.

After: Larger furniture was moved from another room. Now the main seating area easily captures the spectacular lake view.

Before: This house was about to be listed for sale but the busy single mom didn't have time to stage it properly.

After: All clutter, toys and miscellaneous photos were packed away, and furniture was rearranged on an angle to create a calm and inviting space.

P.S. The fireplace is fake so we moved it out.

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After: The sofa was separated and angled to create an open inviting space with ample room to walk through the room.

Before: Furniture was pushed against the walls and sliding glass doors, leaving a gaping space in the middle of the room.