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full service relocations:

Includes Pre-Move and Post-Move Services plus management of the entire relocation process, such as:

  • Provide sufficient staff to efficiently complete the move.
  • Coordinate schedules with your community, moving company, furniture deliveries and service providers.
  • Arrange for utility, cable and phone service.

post-move services:

It may be a challenge to arrange your existing belongings in a new space so that it's comfortable as well as attractive. Or perhaps too many items were moved, causing a cramped, cluttered place. Disorder is easily resolved by decreasing excess, then properly arranging remaining items. When your belongings are in order, your home is more comfortable and nurturing.

  • Arrange furniture, hang artwork and place accessories in harmony with the new space and your lifestyle.
  • Organize items in closets, cabinets and storage areas for convenient access.

pre-move services:

Knowing what to bring, what to leave behind and how to effectively place your belongings in a new home can make the moving process so much easier. Sometimes all that's needed is a fresh perspective and professional guidance to get started.

  • Visit new location and measure all rooms.
  • Determine what furniture, art and accessories will be moved based on size and available space.
  • Measure selected furniture and provide basic floor plan.
  • Evaluate storage needs for the kitchen, bathrooms and closets.

Moving is one of the top 10 stress producers, requiring a myriad of decisions to make, timetables to keep and tasks to perform. A move coordinator manages some or all aspects of the process, freeing you to enjoy the comfort of your new home sooner, without all the hassle.