50 Staging Tips

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Virtual Staging Solutions.com

VSS places furniture, art and accessories into photographs of vacant homes. They are very realistic and give buyers a sense of how rooms can be arranged. Click on the link to learn their plans and pricing.

Full Disclosure: I am an Affiliate of VSS and receive a small referral fee on orders placed with this link. You don't pay any more by using this link.

Home Staging

Empowering People, Inspiring Places since 1992

Home staging is about packaging a product so it appeals to the greatest number of people, specifically one who will actually purchase your home. Professionally staged homes:

  • Sell 87 percent faster if staged before listing.*
  • Receive the first offer in 26 days on average.*
  • Make a great first impression—Most buyers decide in 90 seconds.
  • Attract digital presence—80 percent of buyers search the Internet before contacting an agent.
  • Appear well maintained—Most buyers prefer low maintenance.
  • Show better—Realtors are more likely to show them more often.

More than 90 percent of buyers cannot visualize the potential of a home. Buyers shop with their lifestyle, belongings and financial ability in mind. They are mentally picturing and energetically sensing what it would be like to live in your home. If you don't give them good visual anchors, you'll lose them in the first few minutes.


Of course, you can just neaten things up a bit, but staging a home to sell is completely different from living there. Our personal space is, well, personal to us. We are accustomed to the way it looks and may not be able to envision other possibilities of how it could appear and feel. We overlook flaws that could be glaring stop signs to buyers when we don't see through their eyes.


When selling a car, we know to wash and wax it, remove all personal stuff, make sure it runs properly, and present it as well as possible. Why would we hesitate to do the same with one of our biggest investments?


You know the old saying: "You only have one chance to make a great first impression."  Here's your chance. Give me a call and let's get your home sold with a great first impression.


*Real Estate Staging Association (RESA)