Lani, a busy mother of 2 young girls and her husband Brian were overwhelmed with trying to make their new home feel comfortable. Some places felt 'stuck' and there was disorder in other rooms. Result:

“Toni shifted the entire feel of my home with new arrangements that even my children have noticed. She is fun, creative and a joy to work with, as well as being well prepared and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to have more peace and order in their home.”

Lani S., Homeowner, Tequesta, FL

Sandra's office wasn't quite working for her. Together we redefined the space to reflect her energy. Result:

"I was amazed how easily you made such a wonderful difference in my office. Even my patients are saying: 'Love the feeling here. Something is really different. The atmosphere is so gentle.'  I am very grateful for your kindness and expertise."

Sandra B., Chiropractor, North Palm Beach

Heather had to sell her home as soon as possible. She was a working mother of 3 young children and didn't have time to handle the details of preparing her home for sale. 
"I am so grateful for your dedication and hard work. I was amazed at how well your efforts, knowledge, and proficiency paid off. Friends and family loved the transformation and I didn't even recognize my own home!"
Heather A., Homeowner, Wellington

Susan hired and recommended me for many Senior moves into The Carlisle, including residents who had already moved and were still living with boxes.

"Toni has the compassion to help the elderly to have a pleasant moving experience.  A move involving Toni's services is gentler, quicker and much easier for the resident. I wholeheartedly welcome her into our home and recommend her to yours."

Susan M., Leasing Manager, The Carlisle, Manalapan

Richard needed to move his  father, Abe from his home in Boynton to an Independent Living Facility in Manalapan. Abe was in New York for the summer. Richard lived in California so he hired me to choose furnishings from Abe's home, manage the move and set up his new apartment. Result:

"Toni has a rare organizational ability with an artistic flair. She took charge and with a skillful eye, created a warm welcome for my Dad in his new home. She is completely trustworthy and  provided an invaluable service relocating my 85-year old father.

Richard F., Senior Relocation for his father, Abe

Cathy, a real estate veteran for 13 years, actively marketed this house for 18 months but nothing worked. There were 70 showings and one offer that didn't materialize. After trying every trick she knew, she hired me. Result:

"Your talents worked the magic we needed. The house looked so different and so good, we raised the price and received a cash offer within 60 days."

Cathy S., Realtor, Jupiter

Anne Marie  had her house on the market for 12 months without a single offer. She didn't realize the impact of staging. Results:

"After you worked your magic, the second person to see our home made a cash offer. Then you did it again by arranging my existing furnishings to beautifully compliment my new home. Thank you for making my home a castle."

Anne Marie R., Realtor/Homeowner, Boynton Beach

Bob and Terry had their home on the market for several months with many lookers but no offers. "No one was particularly attracted to the house, even though it had many nice features and was located in an good neighborhood." They followed my recommendations and noticed that they felt better about the house, more confident of its value and appeal. Result:

"Within just a week after carrying out your recommendations, we now have a contract with a buyer."

Robert F. and Terry T., Homeowners, Lighthouse Point

Kathleen's client was in mourning after losing his partner and reluctant to move anything in the house. There were 25 showings but no offers. She hired me to get things moving. Result:

"When I suggested that my sellers use your services, I never imagined that their home would sell within a week. Equally important, I appreciated your respectful and gentle approach."

Kathleen W., Realtor, Wellington


"Having known you for over a decade, I can truly attest to the quality of your work. You take pride in your work and the finished product reflects the time and effort you put in. I consider your ability to redefine spaces a true gift and I appreciate all you have done for us and Frankel Realty."

Brad and Shannon Ball, Frankel Realty Group

Empowering People, Inspiring Places since 1992

Linda and Garry moved into their new house about a year ago and noticed that there was more conflict and arguing between them. We had a feng shui phone consultation and used photos, floor plan and site plan to identify needed solutions.  They made the changes and noticed a difference within two weeks. Result:

"We are very pleased with the effects of these cures and are grateful for your insights and recommendations. We are much happier, more in tune with each other and feeling better about our relationship."

Linda and Garry H., Homeowners, Michigan

Kim had moved into a new apartment and didn't know how to make it look and feel like home. 
"Toni has a calm, objective eye when creating a home, providing suggestions that work in any situation. The arrangements she creates always amaze me—never boring and always inviting."

Kim C., Homeowner, West Palm Beach